“Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” – Seneca

Jim Hanchett, a former Oregon State student-athlete, went back to his alma mater in 2011 in search of interns for his fledgling digital marketing agency. What he came away with was a working partnership between the school he loved and the firm he co-founded with his good friend and business partner, Abraham Hwang.

With a little “luck” and the help of key individuals along the way, ThinkSocial began to create social media promotions for the Oregon State Beavers Facebook page. Those promotions became new sponsor inventory and incremental revenue for Learfield Sports, the Beavers’ multimedia rights partner.

Others began to notice what ThinkSocial and the Beavers were doing, and the phone began to ring. From humble beginnings to a flourishing business, ThinkSocial has become an industry leader in sports & entertainment digital and social media marketing.


Our Founders


Jim Hanchett

With over ten years of entrepreneurial and professional experience, Jim has started multiple businesses and has consulted for several fortune 500 companies. He played football and basketball for the Oregon State Beavers and earned a BS degree in Science. An avid fly-fisherman and outdoorsman, Jim resides in Denver, CO with his wife and 4 kids and is currently pursuing post-graduate degrees from the University of Colorado.


Abraham Hwang

With over 22 years of professional experience working for companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, IBM, PeopleSoft (now Oracle), and Novell, most of his experience is in Sales, Technology, and Strategic Consulting, where he has taken on Senior Executive and Senior Consulting roles. Since leaving the corporate world almost 10 years ago, Abraham has been a part of the creation of multiple companies in several different industries. He currently resides in Chicago, IL with his family. Abraham graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and received an M.B.A from the University of Colorado.